​​​​April (Parent of current Wee Learner)
"I can recommend Teacher Jen and Wee Learners Preschool with absolute enthusiasm. Jen takes her job very seriously, and is extremely dedicated to the children in her care. She is nurturing and establishes consistent routines so the children always know what to expect. Jen also has a keen instinct when it comes to working with young children. My daughter has a strong personality, and she has responded really well to Jen's patience. I have nothing but the highest regard for Jen. I feel completely at ease sending my daughter to school. Jen also works hard to prepare children for kindergarten. Jen is a former elementary school teacher, so she knows what children are expected to know before entering kindergarten. My daughter is practicing writing her letters in fun ways, like painting on large letter cut-outs. Jen is great at playfully challenging kids. They play games each morning, have circle time, do art, and have outdoor play time in Jen's huge yard. I love the intimate feel of Wee Learners; each class only has eight children! I feel my child's education has really been tailored to her as an individual. I teach high school English, and there's a certain feel a classroom has when it's lead by a committed educational professional. I felt this the minute I observed Wee Learners Preschool. Teacher Jen has the technique and artistry of a teacher of the highest caliber."

Chaitee (Parent of current Wee Learner)

"My son is in his 3rd year with Jen and we're so happy with it. I can count on one hand the times he has said he didn't want to go to school and I also have a very strong willed kid. He loves school and is really confident with everything having to do with school. He went from being a later talker (hardly spoke at all the first year) to now being able to read and he has really blossomed socially. With only 8 kids Jen is able to tailor her teaching to each child seamlessly. Jen is also somehow able to foster a really positive relationship among the kids, I've never seen any mean talk or behavior with the kids, they all seem to really get along great. On a different note, her prices are very competitive and without any of the fundraising responsibilities I've heard about at larger schools. You can be as involved/uninvolved as you like, but she welcomes parents to participate."

Jasmine (Parent of a current Wee Learner)
"What completely sealed the deal for me that Wee Learners was the right school for my daughter was her first week: Our 4 year old daughter, was reluctant to go to school her first day, as expected. She came home with a handwritten note about how her day went and what she did (which Teacher Jen continues to do for every day she's been there since). It said that she was doing pretty good but quiet most of the day but became sad at lunch. Later that day her teacher contacted me to ask how she was doing, had she mentioned to us why she was sad, and if there was anything she could do to help make her feel comfortable during her transition. It was that inquiry that I really knew she was in good hands.  A few weeks later, she was starting to ask when she would go to school again. Now, she plays with classmates, brings books home fully equipped with her own drawings to point at words while she reads, and plays "school" with her little sister right when she gets home.  For my 4 year old daughter, who is commonly shy in new settings, this preschool was a roaring success and we are 100% happy that this was the right choice for her. It was exactly what we wanted-- a good social transition for her before going to Kindergarten. The academic work she has accomplished with these kids is amazing too. Teacher Jen's hard work, written word, and just when I look at her speak about the kids, it is more than obvious to me that she cares deeply about setting them up well for the road ahead. It also really helps that there is only 8 kids in a class, only 1 teacher, and a mid-day pick-up. I think these were key elements to making this transition easier for my daughter too. I feel a lot more confident about her going into Kindergarten. Our 2-year old daughter was so excited about watching her big sister go to Wee Learners that we enrolled her little sister for next year!"

Beth (Parent of current Wee Learner)
"My son is 3.5 year old and LOVES Wee Learners.  We just started last fall as I prepared myself to start going to nursing school full time to get my RN. He was born in July and I did my best to get him somewhat potty trained by the time school started, but Jen was great about being supportive and helping to train him too!  As soon as he started watching his peers in class pee in the potty he was doing much better at home and very proud of his accomplishment. My son is a wild little Indian and Jen is soooo~ calm and patient with him.  he tells me constantly how much he loves school and his teacher.  That is most important to me.  In the wrong environment and with the wrong instructor I could see him yelled at a lot and scolded. I love the individuality Jen gives to each student.  Jen gives us a hand written little note every day he attends school so I know what letters they are working on and what he is up to.  She also follows a great curriculum and he knows just about every letter of the alphabet, a word that goes with it and something that rhymes with that word.  He's also doing wonderful with his numbers and is still working on colors.  That was all great stuff we were able to discuss at our one- on- one parent teacher conference. I feel he will definitely be prepared for kindergarten!"

Cris (Parent of current Wee Learner)
"I absolutely love wee learners! Teacher Jen is incredible- handwritten notes every day, outside play rain or shine every day, art, music, and academics (name writing, numbers, science) everyday- incredible. And a beautiful portfolio she puts of your child's best work at the end if the year. Parents are always welcomed to come in for parties and field trips and to volunteer in the classroom- something I didn't feel other old preschool welcomed. I'm also planning to come in and teach a yoga class! I'm a school teacher and I'm so impressed with all she does!"

Elena (Parent of 2 current Wee Learners)
"We really like Teacher Jen! My daughters (twins) started right after they turned 3 years old and they have been learning a lot at preschool. They work on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. They both surprised me with writing some letters recently. The girls also get to do a lot of arts and crafts. They bring a lot of artwork home! They also do a lot of reading which is great because we read a lot at home as well. There is always a "theme" during the month, so it is fun to watch the girls develop new interests because of that. Both of my girls are now fascinated by the dinosaurs. Also, every week the girls get to bring one item from home for show & tell. I think this is a great activity. It teaches them important social skills, to be able to describe the object and explain why it is special to them. In addition, the girls are learning skills to be independent which is crucial for the kindergarten. They unzip & zip back their lunch bags, get from & put back the things in their cubbies, wash hands, put their jackets and shoes on etc. I am also very happy that Jen takes the kids outside regardless of the weather. She has a nice play area in the back. Teacher Jen is very caring and I feel confident when I bring the girls to preschool that they are in good hands. She is also very good at paying attention to every child's individual needs."

Keren (Parent of 2014 Wee Learner grad)
"We love Teacher Jen's nurturing abilities and the space feels warm and nurturing too! Teacher Jen's ability to incorporate so much learning while keeping everything fun and exciting is absolutely amazing. Evan has blossomed academically in the class and he has enjoyed every minute of it. It is great how there is so much art and singing while still a strong focus on the alphabet, numbers and reading. Teacher Jen is so organized and efficient but still manages to be warm and fun. Evan is so ready for kindergarten and we have her to thank for it."

Whitney (Parent of 2014 Wee Learners Grad)
"I am writing to very highly recommend Wee Learners Preschool in Ballard.  My daughter has attended WL for the past year and a half and we couldn't be more pleased with her experience there.  She is just a bit over 4 and is already well on her way to reading, all thanks to teacher Jen.  Jen has created a nurturing and supportive learning environment where playing and learning are very well blended together.  My daughter loves her time at school and wishes it was every day.  Jen is able to spend so much individual time with each student and carefully tailors her curriculum to target where each student is in their learning."

Maggie (Parent of 2014 Wee Learners Grad ) ​

"When I first visited Teacher Jen's class, two years ago, I was so impressed with how respectful the children were to each other and what a calm environment she had created in her home. My daughter immediately took to the space and made herself at home by starting an art project alongside the other children. It was just what I wanted for my little one. A warm and welcoming place where she could feel at home, and learn and play without pressure or distractions.My daughter is now in her second year at Wee Learners, and we are so lucky we found Teacher Jen. The small class size and personalized attention that my daughter receives has made it possible, at age 4, for her to read/know many sight words; write her name in upper and lowercase letters; and sound out and then write out words.The community of parents is a lovely bonus. We go on several field trips each year, and have had play or park dates with other families. It has been really nice to have that extra connection to our daughter's classmates and their families. Teacher Jen does a wonderful job of keeping us informed of what is happening in the classroom. From daily notes home about special things she noticed about my daughter that day to weekly email newsletters about what happened that week and what's happening the next.The kind, gentle and thoughtful socialization that she has received from Teacher  Jen and her peers has been invaluable. Through lots of student-led imaginative play, fun projects, healthy snacks, and tons of outside time (even on the occasionally crummy Seattle day) my daughter has completely enjoyed her experience at Wee Learners."

Chris (Parent of 2013 Wee Learner grad) ​

"My son, Zakary, went to Wee Learners this past year, and had an amazing experience. Zakary is a bit shy at first, but once he gets comfortable, he’s extremely outgoing. Like many 5-year-olds, Zak can be a handful at times, and has TONS of energy. He usually likes going from one thing to another extremely fast. On the other hand, he’s very sensitive and loving.  Zakary absolutely loved his experience at Wee. Jen was exactly what Zak needed as she brings structure to the class, creativity with the kids and allows them to make the right decisions. We saw Zakary take amazing leaps and bounds over the course of the year and it was all due to Jen. My only regret was not getting Zak into Wee a year earlier so he could have spent two years with her instead of just one. Zakary is heading to kindergarten here in a few weeks, and while I’m super nervous about it-- what parent isn’t?-- I know that Jen’s guidance over the past year will absolutely help him. I highly, highly recommend Jen and Wee Learners."

Rosemary  (Parent of 2013 Wee Learners graduate)
"Wee Learners has been a wonderful first school experience for my daughter. Teacher Jen does a beautiful job of creating a warm, safe environment that encourages learning and exploration. My daughter loves it!"

Kristina  (Parent of 2 Wee Learners graduates -2011,2013) 
​"It's hard to believe that this is our son's THIRD (and final!) year at Wee Learners before heading off to kindergarten next fall. After visiting preschool fairs and touring more than half a dozen preschools, we chose Wee Learners because we felt Jen created the perfect combination of home and classroom, formal instruction and free play. No two days are the same in her classroom, as she's always coming up with fun new projects that engage a really diverse group of kids, always sensitive to their abilities and interest level. Thank you, Jen, for being such a wonderful partner in preparing our son for kindergarten and beyond!" 

Christine  (Parent of two Wee Learners graduates-2011/ 2013) 
"Jaden has a great time at Wee Learners.He feel challenged and supported both academically and socially.I love the small group dynamic and how teacher Jen creates a calm, supportive environment where kids can be kids while they have fun learning.My son will be starting kindergarten already starting to read! "

Jennie (Parent of 2012 Wee Learner grad) ​

"We've had our daughter at Wee Learners for the past 8 months and totally love it. It’s an in-home program that’s structured in a way that allows for kids to explore and learn at their best. “Teacher Jen” incorporates science, math, reading, writing, art, creative play, music, dance, celebration of holidays and lots of love and laughter. She’s facilitated community among the parents and communicates up and coming activities on a weekly basis. We are informed on the focus of the week, topics being discussed, songs, writing/reading activities and things we can do to continue the conversation/learning at home. She has developed such great rapport with the kids in a very short time. I also love the group size, small enough that kids get extra attention and develop some close relationships with one another. One of my favorite activities over the past few months was a journal the kids created early in the Fall where they went on a walk and found a tree in the neighborhood. As winter approached, they visited ‘their tree’ regularly - drawing, talking and learning about its changes w/ the season. We got the journal and a photo of all the kids exhibiting their work and looking quite proud. We were lucky to have found the program and know our daughter’s getting a fantastic pre-K education in prep for next year!"

Charlotte (Parent of two Wee Learners graduates-2009/2012 ) 
"Jen is a kind and warm teacher. The children learn at their individual pace and feel encouraged to explore play a lot. As my son says he loves Teacher Jen the best! It's a small wonder as every child is so well respected and learns on a daily basis to respect everyone around them."

​Valeria and Michael (Parents of 2011 Wee Learner graduate) ​

"Our daughter began going to Wee Learners in early 2009, when she was almost 3 years old. We could not have found a better pre-school for her! Jen is fantastic with the kids, and has a real talent for teaching – numbers and letters, bugs and farm animals, great art projects, wonderful social skills such as kindness, turn-taking – these kids learn it all. Jen has fostered an incredibly caring, nurturing, loving, respectful, fun, creative and enriching environment. The kids absolutely love one another. Our daughter, a single child, has gained immensely from having a small group of other kids that she’s become close to. She looks forward to every day of pre-school, misses it noticeably during holiday breaks, and does not cease to amaze us with the new things she learns at Wee Learners. At 4 ½, Martina is already spelling, sounding words, writing, and reading some words without help – in large part thanks to Jen’s amazing teaching skills. We sincerely feel so very lucky to have found Wee Learners!"

Laura  (Parent of a Wee Learners Graduate- 2009)

"The number one asset (of Wee Learners) is the teacher! She has a great style with the kids- firm, fair, direct, loving and helpful. I can't say enough good things about Jen. I also like the good balance of academics and play, all the hands-on crafting, and how she's fostered both a love of reading and some beginning reading skills."

Dana and Lawrence  (Parents of a Wee Learners graduate- 2009)

​"Our daughter loves Wee Learners. She attends two days a week and is always excited to go to school. As an only child, she can't wait to see her friends at school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I believe that she has gained a tremendous amount of socialization from Wee Learners. She has also benefited from the structured routine that Jennifer has created for the students. The daily schedule includes lots of group activities and also allows for individual play time. Our daughter comes home happy and proud of her accomplishments. Jennifer has made her feel comfortable from the start and provides learning experiences that would be impossible to find in a typical daycare situation. The small class size and individual attention, the nurturing learning environment and the way Jennifer makes every day special for her students is what makes Wee Learners the best!"

Pam  (Mom of a Wee Learners graduate-2009)

​"We went from a "drop in" care situation to Wee Learners Preschool as soon as our daughter was two years old and the difference in her was amazing. Imagine how fun it is to pick up your child at the end of the day with an accounting from her teacher of her daily activities and to hear (in your child's own words) what she learned in that week's session. We had to videotape her explanation of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly as it was so cute and thorough! Where else can you get a small teacher to child ratio and a quality preschool education? "

(Dad of a Wee Learners graduate-2009)

"Our baby has grown up at Wee Learners in ways that we could never see at any other school. We think Wee Learners is the perfect combination of Home and Classroom for preschoolers."

Steve Grubb (Principal at Hilltop Elementary School-2006)

"Jennifer is extremely successful in providing her students with a challenging, creative classroom. She is the kind of teacher who is always on the lookout for new strategies and ideas to enhance her instructional program and teaching effectiveness. When you walk into her classroom you immediately sense you are in a special place. You can feel the non-judgmental atmosphere of mutual caring and respect."

Dan Davis (Assistant Principal at Hilltop Elementary School-2006)

"Every time I entered Ms. Valliere-Douglass' class her students were engaged and on task working collaboratively or individually. It was obvious that Ms. Valliere-Douglass strove to ensure that each one of her student's academic and social needs were met. It was evident that her classroom environment was based on compassion and respect."


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