Wee Learners


 Pre-k Literacy

      Pre-k Math & Science

The pre-k classroom at Wee Learners is literacy- rich. Our learning stations and activities surround children with opportunities to interact with print in ways that are meaningful to them. I incorporate several different research based pre-k and kindergarten curriculums into our daily routines. I help children understand and decode written language by:
  • carefully selecting the books I share with them
  • providing many opportunities for them to interact with print
  • extending stories and written language into other areas of the curriculum


Each day at Wee Learners the pre-k kids participate in math and science investigations. The topics for these investigations are driven by the children's questions and interests. Through these investigations the children learn to use prior knowledge, math skills and scientific method to discover the answers to their many questions. Through our investigations the children are learning such skills as:
  • problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • measurement
  • one-to-one correspondance
  • noticing and extending patterns
  • sequencing skills
  • creating graphs
  • discovering spatial relationships